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About Us

Inland Transport Solutions BV (ITS) is a young and dynamic barging company based in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands. We are providing all kind of barging solutions in the Northern part of Europe with focus on (animal) fats, (edible)vegoils and tropical oils. Our fleet is containing different sizes of inland tanker barges ranging between 500 and 2.000tons of carriage capacity and fully dedicated to transport these products in accordance with the highest European Standards and GMP regulations. Inland Transport Solutions BV is established by her founders sharing the same passion for barging with the intention to provide tailor made solutions for each customer meeting the exact needs and requirements. We serve our clients with a professional and personal touch combined with a different approach on the market. Our team of employees holding years of experience what is gained from various levels of the global shipping industry –both inland shipping and deep sea-  where we aim to develop higher standards to barging operations in our market segment where innovation and safety are leading items.
We believe in “Quality” instead of “Quantity”, where we concentrate on the needs of our customers with honesty and transparancy. 

Our Abilities

We are specialised in the transportation of all types of vegetable oils, tropical oils and (animal) fats by inland barge in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
The barges in our fleet are dedicated for the transportation of these products and are trading in the spot market and under contract such as Contract of Affreightment whereby they are sailing certain lanes. The cargoes we are shipping on a regular basis are next to UCO, UCOME, MFA and FAME also various types of vegetable oils such as Palm oils, rapeseed oils, sunflower oils, etc.
We have developed new protocols in our logistics to ensure worry free operations for both the shipper and the client.
Our large network consisting out of agents, surveyors, and (deepsea) ship owners is enabling us to transport every cargo to basically any part of Europe on a safe and timely manner.

Why barging with us is a benefit to your organisation:

  • Transparency
    We have implemented a web based online Barge Operation System with a track and trace module. Follow your shipment live and stay posted about the latest ETA of the barge.
  • Quality
    We maintain high standards on our barges and personnel and we protect same by conducting frequent internal audits. All barges are fitted with our custom made Barge Management System, communication between office and barge is now very easy.
  • Safety and Education
    Safe operations has our top priority, zero incidents is our goal. We are investing in knowledge and creating awareness by providing additional education to our crew. ITS has also implemented navigation audits for our captains as well as competence audits for all crew members.
  • Innovation
    We are committed to serve our clients not only on a professional and personal manner but we also aim to add a true value to the market. Improvement of the daily operations can not do without innovation what is one of our core values. The implementation of different portals and quality systems is just an example of our aims.   


1964 built, 1326 Tons
12 cargo tanks, 1.383m3 
Cargo tank heating: YES
Coating: mild steel
Double hull
Dutch flag
Loa: 80mtr
Max draft: 2.77mtr


2020 rebuilt, 1600 Tons
6 cargo tanks, 2.100m3 
Cargo tank heating: Yes
Coating: mild steel
Double hull
Dutch flag
Loa: 85mtr
Max draft: 3.05mtr


1973 built, 1192 Tons
10 cargo tanks, 1.184m3 
Cargo tank heating: YES
Coating: mild steel
Double hull
Dutch flag
Loa: 80mtr
Max draft: 2.62mtr
A new generation of barging.. Contact us
Inland Transport Solutions BV
Noordweg 19A
3336 LH Zwijndrecht
The Netherlands

GMP+ Certified

We are GMP+ Certified. Our company policies are in strict accordance with the conditions of GMP standards for the transport and carriage of food grade products by inland barging for human consumptions.

ISO 9001 Certified

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified. The policies of our company and the internal procedures are meeting the latest ISO 9001 standards.


We are members of the Netherlands Oils, Fats and Oilseeds Trade Association. 

MARPOL 73/78 Compliant

All activities conducted by our employees and barges are in strict compliance with MARPOL 73/78 regulations for the Prevention of Pollution from ships.